Sep 132011
Pancakes, please!

When thinking of a classic, Americana breakfast, one of the foods that sticks out in my mind are pancakes. They’re fluffy, buttery and always taste even better when smothered with maple syrup. Like most celiacs, pancakes hadn’t touched my lips in months, until I tried Pamela’s Gluten-Free Pancake Mix. After trying several brands which produced [click to view full post]

Our Homemade Gluten-Free Pizza Recipe

GLUTEN-FREE THICK CRUST PIZZA by Sarah Phillips and Kelly¬†Hong Makes 1 10-inch pizza Here’s our favorite gluten-free pizza recipe that we worked tirelessly on. We’re proud to say that you can hardly tell the difference between regular and our gluten-free pizza. We hope you bake this recipe soon or enjoy baking! This gluten-free THICK CRUST [click to view full post]

Pizza, Pizza, Gluten-Free Pizza...

Pizza is one of my favorite choices for lunch and dinner (or even breakfast, but that’s a whole other story). The chewiness of the bread, the crunch of the crust, the goo of the cheese…you get what I’m sayin’. The chewy loveliness that is known as pizza has now been replaced by frozen gluten-free options, [click to view full post]

After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009, it was difficult for me to find delicious food that I could still enjoy. Pasta, pizza, cakes and all the other wheat filled delights I loved were now zapped out of my food repertoire. Bland and gummy pastas, tasteless breads and dry cakes now filled those voids. [click to view full post]

Jul 252011

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